The strong, salty flavor of traditional soy sauce can overpower the delicate taste of raw fish. Nikiri is a soy sauce blend made especially for sushi and sashimi. High-quality restaurants in Japan typically prepare their own nikiri on site. Sake, mirin and dashi broth are blended with soy sauce in the perfect ratios to produce a subtle, umami (savory) taste which complements the flavor of fresh fish.

The flavor of tradition

Our smoked Nikiri soy sauce adds some extra-savory flavor to your dish. Around 1600 AD, Japanese chefs began smoking bonito fish to prepare dashi broth. They discovered that the smoking process brought out a previously unknown intensity of flavor. We have embraced and enhanced this tradition with our Smoked Soy Sauce. Its’ extraordinary yet subtle taste enhances the flavor of your dish and leaves a pleasant umami aftertaste.