Traditional soy sauce is great, but it can overpower the delicate taste of raw fish. The solution? Our homemade JAPONICA smoked soy sauce!
Around 1600 AD, Japanese chefs began smoking bonito fish in order to prepare a dashi broth. In doing so, they discovered that the smoking process unveiled a more intense flavor. Soon after, Nikiri soy sauce was born. Created from a graceful blend of traditional soy sauce, sake, mirin, and dashi broth, Nikiri soy sauce is guaranteed to add a subtle umami (savory) flavor to your sushi and/or sashimi that will complement each dish instead of conquering them.
Our JAPONICA smoked soy sauce is an embrace of tradition…with a twist. Like many high-quality restaurants in Japan, we make our Nikiri soy sauce in-house. The difference, though? We smoke it afterwards, creating a sauce with even more extraordinary flavor.
No sushi? No problem. JAPONICA smoked soy sauce blends perfectly with other meats and veggies. Use it as a marinade for your next BBQ or introduce a batch of roasted vegetables to its delicious flavor!