About Us

JAPONICA is a Izakaya/Sushi/Kunsei restaurant where you can not only enjoy authentic Japanese favorites, but also multi-national dishes based on Japanese culinary method in a cool, yet casual atmosphere.

So, what is an “Izakaya”?
An Izakaya is a casual Japanese tapas restaurant where you can share a variety of dishes among friends. So try not to fill up on any one dish as the joy of Izakaya lies in sharing different dishes.

Founder Taka opened Japonica in 2002 with collaboration of his wife Chika to spread izakaya style dining and added new kick to make it fit into beach lifestyle in Southern California.

Taka spent most time in his early life in Osaka, Japan and surfed around from his local beaches to southern island in Japan and south Asia. He always dreamed about moving to California to broaden his horizon of life experience.

His passion is never end. There’s still a lot of people who have not been experienced real Japanese food, so he is working hard to keep serving real Japanese food to Socal foodies and he enjoys creating new ideas to entertain them.

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